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.All the tools and steps required to start, run or scale your creative brand

Are you overwhelmed because you’ve got so many ideas, but no idea where to start, what to prioritise or how to implement them?

If you are looking for fast cheap product production, then you have come to the wrong place. If you are a solopreneur, have a purpose driven brand, or have a premium quality designer brand, then I'm here to help you and prepare your brand for the next level. 

We are here to alleviate many doubts, stresses and apprehensions associated with running a creative business· If you are  in overwhelmed because you’ve got so many ideas, but no idea where to start, what to prioritise or how to implement them, then your in the right place. We are here to help creatives, just like you, develop and grow a creative product base brands, even the ones who have little on no prior knowledge of the industry.

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.Initial Chat

Need another you to bounce ideas from and implement strategic tasks

Initial chats with Brandstorm can be arranged via telephone, or in person 1 to 1 meet. Following the meeting you will have more clarity and knowledge on what to do next. You will have an action plan, on how and the best way forward with your brand / brand idea along with digital notes.

This is your opportunity to ask questions and pick my brain on any topic relating to your product based business or idea. I will  brainstorm your ideas and give you immediate expert feedback. In the initial meeting you can ask anything and we can cover many topics including:

– Reviewing items you are selling
– Sense checking quotes and price researching
– Sourcing and Critical path
– New product sourcing and development
– Packaging sourcing / development
– E-commerce & your selling platforms
– Social media & Blog strategies
– Brand identity and product positioning
– Identifying your ideal customer
– Time Management



General chats with Brandstorm can be arranged via telephone or video.

Available to anyone at any stage of your business from concept to trading. No need to google your questions as we can problem solve and/or strategise, so that you get the answers and results you’re looking for in your business. Discovering and discussing what your brand struggles are and coming up with ways to overcome them. This is  your opportunity to pick my brain on any topic in depth and share visuals live on video.

After the call you should feel positive with your next steps and a comprehensive list of achievable tasks and bubbling with new ideas to immediately tackle and action.

Brainstorm Video Consultancy Call £150 / hr



We have a consultancy membership service to insure you keep moving forward, no procrastination, keeping your ideas moving in the right direction.

These sessions can be weekly, monthly, or 2 set days a month as suitable to your needs and lifestyle. Help and support is always at hand when you need it. Having a frequent accountability buddy who motivates you to come out of your comfort zone and support or rationalise your wild ideas. A consistent sound board to bounce your ideas and thoughts instead of navigating specific answers from specific people This frequent service will eliminate the isolation and loneliness of solo entrepreneurship and brand building.

Consultancy Memberships are based on a 3 month minimum service with monthly payments.

Book an appointment to discuss my bespoke service plans.

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Done for you service, were I will do the work, so you can focus on what you do best.

I will manage your ongoing projects regardless at what stage you are at, research, planning, implementing. I will have an initial meeting where we will discuss your project needs. If your current deadlines and to-do-list are consuming your life, then it’s possible you might need some immediate productive support. With our experience in trouble shooting for creative brands, I am able to step in to help and support you through the tasks. Hands on Immediate support remote or at location available.

Brainstorm Video Consultancy Call £150 / hr

The process


Let’s Talk

Let’s start with you! whats troubling you now? We will have an initial conversation on the phone, to answers to your questions and to have someone to help visualise your ideas and discuss how to turn them into reality. You will will receive a breakdown proposal via email that we can then discuss.



Upon agreement we will delver into the project and further into your brand, by extracting info about your business, products and goals. Leading to research and analyse and identifying the good stuff to tailor and tackle your project



We will look at your brands opportunities and priorities to see what can be done in the most productive way. Strategise testing and implementation into your business 

Are you ready to work together?

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Brand Development


.Buying & Selling

Services for your current product based brand

Critical Path

Your ultimate solution for creating a well-structured seasonal or yearly milestone plan. We understand the importance of identifying key buying, development, and selling calendars that align with industry standards. With a Critical Path, you can streamline your workflow, achieve work-life balance, and work towards productive and achievable milestones.

Target Wholesale & Retail Prices

When it comes to pricing, we understand the importance of ensuring profitability while maintaining a competitive edge. We can expertly help you calculate your costs accurately and set target wholesale and retail prices that guarantee profitability. Plus evaluating your prices and quotes from suppliers. Our goal is to help you find that perfect balance between charging correctly and maximising your revenue.

Product Sourcing

We source the market, identifying the products that align with your brand’s vision. Communicating pricing, lead-time, and availability, ensuring you have the necessary insights to make informed decisions.

We can also offer strategic guidance on how, where, and when to look, research, and buy. Sharing our insider knowledge in navigating the homeware, antiques, and fashion markets with confidence.


Helping you find the perfect packaging solutions. Our mission is to save you time and provide you with fit-for-purpose, high-quality packaging through our network of top-tier UK packaging suppliers . Communicating to you minimus price and lead-time /availability and submission of reference samples.

Research &
Range Planning

Strategising best sellers, colours, quantities, and release dates is our forte. We dive deep into market research, analysing trends and consumer preferences to identify the perfect product mix for your brand. From concept to creation, we can also guide you through the key steps of development and sampling, ensuring that not a single penny is wasted.

MoodBoards Physical and Digital

Unleash your brand’s full potential through our cutting-edge Moodboards that captures the very essence of your brand. Whether it’s packaging, product collection, print, or brand logo, we’ve got you covered. These visually stunning collages will serve as a powerful source of inspiration, guiding your designers to create captivating designs that resonate with your brand values and consumer.


.Product development

Services to take your idea from concept to market 

Technical Design Packs

Can’t draw but bursting with innovative ideas? No problem! we will work closely to understand your vision and translate it into comprehensive and visually stunning design packs. We’ll capture every intricate detail, ensuring that your ideas are communicated clearly and accurately to manufacturers.

Supplier Manual

We understand the importance of maintaining consistent quality standards and adhering to ethical and branding guidelines. With our expertise, we can tailor-make a detailed manual with your sampling and production procedures and standards specifically for your brand, ensuring that your manufactures have the essential tools from your business.

Quality & Assurance & Control

We ensure that your brand’s products meet the highest standards of excellence. We will meticulously research and collate relevant testing and quality standards for your product range. We will work closely with accredited testing houses to guarantee that your products comply with legal guidelines and adhere to restricted substance regulations. Including all the necessary information to navigate the complex landscape of UK, USA, and European Standards, including the stringent REACH regulations.

UK Made Product Sourcing

We will communicate to provide strategies in sourcing manufactures for your UK made products with trusted manufactures. Know you have the right ones for your brand. including contract and cost negotiation
Supplier Manual if you have an established manufacturing process we can tailor make a detailed manual with sampling and production procedures and standards for your factories to follow, Reassuring your working to consistent quality standards following  due diligence and ethical and branding standard.

Fabric & Component Sourcing

At Brandstorm, we understand that finding the perfect materials for your products can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve built an extensive network of connections to streamline the sourcing process for you. We will source specific product ideas tailored to your brand’s unique requirements.


.Brand Development

Tailored solutions designed to attract and convert your target audience

Brand Audits

This includes the conduct an in-depth manual and human analysis of your website and social media platforms to identify areas that require improvement. Providing you with a valuable to-do-list that outlines urgent matters and highlights opportunities for growth.

We will analyse your current branding strategy and provide insights on how to strengthen your brand identity and messaging.

Effective Press Release

It’s important to work closely with you to develop customised brand awareness opportunities and product placement tactics for industry leading media print and digital publications. We understand the importance of capturing attention and creating engaging press releases that converts. We can also assist you in creating a PR calendar tailored to your Christmas campaigns.

Grow Your Email List

We understand the importance of setting up and growing your email subscriber list. We focus on identifying and expanding your core audience, ensuring that every newsletter you send out is eagerly read by your subscribers. By implementing our proven strategies for subscriber growth and email marketing, you’ll not only see an increase in website traffic but also witness meaningful conversations that drive your business forward.

Are you a start up?

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