Negotiations are not about you squeezing and pushing to get the result you want. That’s short term and could break your business relationship fast. It’s not about winning the quick battle. Jeopardising a long term relationship or reputation is too damaging a result, so choose your content and context carefully when having a negotiating discussion.

It’s about give and take. Coming up with a reasonable solution that you and both parties involved are happy about. A negotiation can be long term or short but you need to listen and see things from the other parties perspective and have an understanding and be ready to answer all the objectives you will face in a debate.

It’s not about winners or losers. It’s not about making promises you can’t keep. When negotiating with clients, buyers, dealers or suppliers it’s insuring they understand your goals and that they are on your side to help you achieve them. They should also feel good with the outcome, as the result should be of benefit to you both.

Always end on a positive note.

Do you have any negotiation tips? What’s worked for you?

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